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Wiki software for knowledge management and information management: document knowledge collaboratively Q.wiki

Collaborative knowledge documentation

Templates for structured expertise for successful knowledge management with the management software Q.wiki

Templates for
structured expertise

Knowledge areas for unstructured expertise in the knowledge management software Q.wiki

Knowledge areas for unstructured expertise

Integrate file attachments of all kinds for lively knowledge management with Q.wiki management software: PDF, Word, PowerPoint, images, videos, emails

File attachments
of all kinds


Intelligent full text search supports finding and managing knowledge and information with the management software Q.wiki in the Interactive Knowledge Management System

search technology

Efficient knowledge management by linking between related (process) knowledge with the knowledge management software Q.wiki

Linking between related (process) knowledge

Knowledge management system with interfaces to other systems using Q.wiki management software: SAP, AD Active Directory, MS Microsoft Sharepoint

to other systems

Access knowledge anywhere through 100% web-based software and no-installation Interactive Knowledge Management System Q.wiki

100% web-based
without installation



Achieve your goals faster with a complete package of software and management consulting


Create more transparency in the company through living knowledge management in the interactive management software Q.wiki

More transparency


Whether structured or unstructured – in Q.wiki you bundle the entire wealth of knowledge of your team and thus increase transparency in your company. Your management system becomes a valuable aid in everyday work!

Active knowledge exchange through a living knowledge management system based on wiki in the web-based management software Q.wiki

Aktiver Wissensaustausch


Active exchange of knowledge instead of office grapevine: Via the browser, the entire team can access the shared knowledge treasure trove at any time and from anywhere and contribute new empirical values.

More efficient processes and CIP through living knowledge management and information management in the interactive management software Q.wiki

More efficient processes


Each team member can question the existing process knowledge and independently contribute new empirical values to the system. This allows you to optimize your processes together in a continuous improvement process (CIP).

Satisfied employees through a living knowledge management system in interactive knowledge management tool Q.wiki

Satisfied employees


Like over 900 customers before you, we reliably advise you on the introduction of the software and empower the entire team to document valuable know-how with Q.wiki. Everyone's involvement increases satisfaction and the shared knowledge grows steadily.

Actively share and use knowledge

More transparency in your company with Q.wiki


With Q.wiki, your knowledge management becomes interactive! Every team member contributes their knowledge and new experience directly to the software. This way, the documentation always remains up-to-date and you can conveniently access everyone's knowledge at any time in your daily work.


By combining both process-dependent and process-independent knowledge in one system, you turn the know-how of your employees into the success factor of your company!  Structured and comprehensible, you will always find relevant (process) knowledge in exactly the right place in Q.wiki.


With your Interactive Management System you create a living knowledge culture in your company. The result: optimized workflows, reduced search and query times, more time for the essentials.




  • process-oriented information portal

  • intelligent keywording of knowledge

  • integrated file management

  • flexible release procedure and automatic versioning

  • all-in-one solution for quality, process and knowledge management



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