Interactive management systems as start-up assistance for young companies Success Story of Christian Junger, Co-Founder of MADANA


MADANA was founded in 2017 by experts from the fields of business, secure data transmission and application security who wanted to turn their vision of easy and affordable access to security software into reality and bring it to market. As a company at the forefront of some of the most advanced technologies, MADANA aims to contribute to the transformation and development of the cyber security market that is ripe for consolidation.

Having invested in research and development over the past few years, MADANA is now ready to bring its core product to market. The company is based in Berlin and aims to realize its vision of cyber security with maximum impact. The team has a foundation of patented technology and an extensive network of experts from leading international research, technology, security and consulting organizations.


The challenge ahead of

As a start-up, it is extremely important to be clear about your own processes and to define them. At the same time, this is precisely one of the greatest challenges. Especially when the company is growing rapidly: Every new employee brings along new work processes and role descriptions. This can quickly make you lose track!

Challenge: How do I document my management system?


Find the right management software:

The decision for

In the beginning we organized ourselves using Dropbox, Trello and Jira, we communicated via Slack. Early on, we realized that we needed a uniform tool for our process and task management. Especially the apps for meeting minutes management and project management in provided much more structure in our daily work. In addition, was a great basis for discussion in our discovery phase as a start-up to define different administrative and management levels.


The results of has definitely made our collaboration easier: All important information and documents are stored in one central software that can be accessed by every team member from anywhere in the world. And our management system is also a valuable source of information for new employees. Furthermore, motivates us to constantly question and further optimize our core processes. has proven to be particularly effective for us in the following areas

  • strategic and corporate risk management
  • key figure Management
  • onboarding of new employees

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