Organisational roll-out of interactive management systems

Say goodbye to departmentalised thinking and hello to processual thinking – an interactive management system based on assists you with reaching your corporate goals efficiently and with ease. Enjoy professional support from our consultants during the technical and organisational roll-out. It's training on the job instead of training in theory!

In hands-on workshops we share our know-how acquired from over 500 projects with you and empower you

  • to understand and make global connections within your enterprise.
  • to transparently structure and standardise process descriptions.
  • to decentralise your management system.
  • to integrate all employees on a read-and-write basis into the management system.
  • to successfully guide all employees through a project's many phases of acceptance.



Expertise, methodology and technical knowledge from a single source

Fill your new management system with valuable content and establish it as an indispensable information portal within the entire enterprise – our consultants will actively support your efforts! Capitalise quickly on authentic processes which significantly make both day-to-day business and audits easier. Best Practices paired with employees’ strengthened autonomy take centre stage in the company while your interactive management system comes to life. Konfiguration Modell Aachen

1| How to configure

Start-up or multinational – we reliably install on one of your servers or on our server. We configure rights groups and user groups to suit your needs and align individual applications to your respective requirements.



Prozessmanagement Beratung Modell Aachen

2| Process management

Best practice ahead! To kick off your autonomous process documentation we transfer existing content to and together generate new content – transparently structured and accessible for all employees. This secures a decisive success factor for your interactive management system: populating it with a solid foundation of quality, editable content.


Projektmanagement Beratung Modell Aachen

3| Project management

Defining project goals and implementing them effectively: We follow your project team on their journey towards a successful kick-off and beyond. We respond flexibly to changing requirements and take you on time and within budget from quality gate to quality gate.



Change Management Beratung Modell Aachen

4| Change management

Creating pro-change acceptance: We show you how to establish as a valuable everyday tool for all employees and lastingly change your corporate culture. Together we will forge the key for the success of your project: a communication strategy that addresses your employees' concerns and permanently eliminates these.