Risk management – consultation and introduction

Ready for the future, long term: Identify opportunities and risks collaboratively, and manage potential business developments efficiently. With an interactive management system based on Q.wiki we empower your lightweight risk management! For technical and content-based questions, we offer competent advice and experience gained from over 400 projects.

Hand-on workshops is where we introduce you to effective methods and tools for your opportunity and risk management. Our consultants show you how to

  • pro-actively incorporate all employees into opportunity management and risk management.
  • efficiently identify and rate opportunities and risks.
  • pro-actively define and reliably manage activities.
  • maintain an overall entrepreneurial overview of all opportunities and risks.



At a glance: risk management consultation module

Boost your employees' risk-centric thinking and record entrepreneurial unknowns locally in Q.wiki. Our consultants offer professional support with the technical and organisational implementation of the risk app.


  • definition of process and business risks
  • ISO 9001:2015 requirements for risk management
  • systematic consideration of risks using FMEA logic
  • risk rating with Planning Poker
  • collaborative planning and management of activities to prevent risks
  • Hands-on: risk management in Q.wiki


Target group

  • Managers launch hands-on into the topic of opportunity management and risk management. We empower you to anchor an active risk management with your team.
  • Risk managers capitalise on new impulses for agile risk management. We show you how to establish risk-centric thinking within your enterprise.



  • During an 8-hour long in-house training seminar we set a date with your project team. You conveniently partake on location.
  • Our Academy training (8 hrs.) held in Aachen or Munich will see you engage in an exchange with up to 20 participants from different enterprises.