Q.wiki – the software for your process management


Agile process management with Q.wiki software: create individual process map

process map

Process optimization with the Q.wiki software: optimize internal processes in the Interactive Management System

process optimization

Process management software Q.wiki for simple process modeling: represent processes as a table or flowchart

process modeling

Process management software Q.wiki with templates for process descriptions, work instructions, procedural instructions, info pages

Templates for process
descriptions etc.


Link related processes in the Interactive Management System with the agile process management software Q.wiki

Linking between
related processes

Process management software Q.wiki with interfaces to other systems: SAP, AD Active Directory, MS Sharepoint

to other systems


With the Q.wiki management software, include applicable documents as file attachments directly in the process description: PDF, Word, Power Point, e-mails, images, videos

File attachments
of all kinds

Web-based process management software Q.wiki: Access via browser, no installation required on standalone computers

100% web-based
without installation




Achieve your goals faster with a complete package of software and management consulting


Process management software Q.wiki for more efficient processes, CIP, process optimization
More efficient processes

Each team member can question processes and independently introduce change proposals into the system. This allows you to optimize your processes together in a continuous improvement process (CIP).

Up-to-date process documentation with the process management software Q.wiki
More current content

By involving everyone, you anchor current best practices efficiently and sustainably in your organization. Dusty process documentation becomes an agile work platform that always stays up-to-date.

Promote process thinking, break down silo thinking with the process management software Q.wiki
More process thinking

Whether process description, work instruction or mail template – Q.wiki combines all information in a process-oriented management system with real added value for everyday work. Departmental thinking gives way to process thinking!

Process management consulting for higher process reliability and agile processes with the management software Q.wiki
More process reliability

Like over 900 customers before you, we reliably advise you on the introduction of the software and empower the entire team to work with Q.wiki. The involvement of everyone increases process reliability and satisfaction.

Continuously optimize processes

Achieve a living process culture with Q.wiki


With Q.wiki, your process management system becomes interactive! Because each team member continuously contributes his or her process-relevant knowledge to the process management software. In this way, your documentation always remains up-to-date and is continuously optimized.

The heart of your Interactive management system is the individual process map, which allows you to quickly access the process knowledge you are looking for at any time. In addition to the graphical representation, the tabular process description provides all the important details – including the relevant documents, responsibilities and interfaces to other systems. 


Process-oriented and close to the employees, Q.wiki combines all workflows in a central system that every team member can actively shape. Stubborn departmental thinking gives way to a lively process culture. The result: Your company works more efficiently.




  • flexible release procedure and automatic versioning

  • intuitive process modeling as a table or flowchart

  • interactive process map for easy navigation

  • integrated file management

  • all-in-one solution for quality, process and knowledge management


Your way to agile process management in the Interactive Management System with the management software Q.wiki and management consulting of Modell Aachen GmbH



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