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The App for the overview of all competencies in Q.wiki


Businesses often manage their employees' contact data in different Excel spreadsheets. Trying to locate the right one is tedious, and the information received is often obsolete. Even a centrally maintained competence matrix is rarely up to date so that valuable know-how cannot be tapped. Employee profiles maintained in Q.wiki help you to create a contemporary source of information for your team that always holds the latest details.


Employee app in Q.wiki: Create employee profile, document competencies


Users configure their respective profile with the employee application using their personal contact information, experiences, and competences. Employees can even autonomously update their information, enabling their colleagues to identify them as knowledge bearers – so that they may locate the right contact person at the company fast and conveniently.



Identify and use competencies: employee profiles in Q.wiki


Preferred configuration

We configure the employee app in line with your wishes! Basic details like name, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are often already available in an Active Directory (AD). We import the information directly from the AD into the application.

From professional training to languages or CPD, your employees add their competencies and responsibilities to their profile to create a centralised information hub for the whole enterprise. The software automatically adds process responsibilities within the management system to each profile.

Create individual employee profiles with the employee software Q.wiki



Employee app in the Q.wiki software with integrated full text search

Integrated full-text search

Conveniently locate any knowledge bearer on the dynamic overview page. A powerful full-text search plus search filters that you configure to your needs reliably assist you with locating the right contact person with the qualifications that you seek.




Whether document header of a process description or outline details of meeting minutes – the management system is where you define responsibilities for the many different places. This is where Q.wiki auto-links with the respective employee profile. Mouseover action gives you the relevant information at a glance and allows you to directly contact those in charge if you have questions or want to share an idea. Search and query times are minimised.

Employee app in Q.wiki management software: Automatic linking of employee profiles in the document header




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