Project management with

Creating project summaries, task lists and status reports in Excel while storing them on the network drive is a common way for businesses to manage their projects. Yet keeping content up to date in a convoluted folder architecture is an arduous job. Locating specific information and following up on jobs to do takes time. With its project management application, provides a lightweight solution for you.

A few clicks is all it takes to create a new project in the project app and assign new tasks. Simply pool all the information and decisions using a central software to make decisions and to-dos transparent for the whole team. is therefore your Single Point of Truth which offers a complete status overview on all projects. Easily plan and control your projects while saving valuable time.

Advantages of the project app

  • central information platform for minimal search and query times
  • up to date overview of to-dos and dones to optimise resource planning
  • complete status overview of all projects for added transparency
  • integrated task management for efficient workflows


How does project management work with

1| Easy project planning

Project managers create new projects in in a few clicks only: define the project goal, the project team and the cost centre using the freely configurable project summaries. Proprietary templates make it very easy for you to create repeat projects. Protect sensitive data by restricting the group of participants.



2| Efficient task management

While the project is ongoing, simply record and manage information and decisions in Assign a task to those in charge directly in the software. The automated messaging function keeps all project participants informed of any changes – the change history sets them out to see any time. At a glance, check deadlines and see which tasks still need to be completed thanks to a traffic-light system – this makes your project management clearly more efficient.



3| Complete project overview

Set milestones to define the timeline for your projects! This allows you to oversee the progress of all ongoing projects on your personalised overview page. Filter and sort your overview by project manager, cost centre, or other personal preference.