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Get an overview of new features, optimizations and fixed bugs with our release notes:

New from September 2, 2021

New from June 10, 2021

New from May 12, 2021

New from March 2, 2021

New from February 15, 2021

New from November 20, 2020

New from September 10, 2020

New from July 6, 2020

New from April 27, 2020

New  from March 2, 2020

New from January 6, 2020

Which release is my company currently using?

You can easily check this by yourself in your management system:

  • Visit the start page in your system.
  • Click on the tab "About Q.wiki" in the middle of the lower edge of the screen.
  • At the top you will find the information about your release. 

What is the difference between a Major Release and a Minor Release?

To perfectly map your requirements, we continuously advance Q.wiki: Major Releases are scheduled at a two-year cycle, and Minor Releases go out every six weeks. The latest Major Release also always covers support for the past six Minor Releases. The last Minor Release becomes a Long-Time-Stable (LTS) Release which we support for 12 months after the following Major Release went out.

Major Releases

  • include breakthrough technical or functional updates and extensions for Q.wiki

Minor Releases

  • include bug fixes, smaller innovations and enhanced configuration options for Q.wiki


Q.wiki: Major-Releases, Minor-Releases und LTS-Releases

My release is no longer supported. What can I do?

We will gladly update your Q.wiki to the latest version! Please contact our customer support.

Contact customer support