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To give you even better print results in the future, Q.wiki now uses the print function of your browser.  Even entries, tasks and descriptions from apps that you have created with the Workflow Generator can now be conveniently printed or saved as PDFs with the new function.

In addition, the new design of Q.wiki is now visible in your printouts and display errors such as cut-off tables or images are finally a thing of the past! Another plus: Since browser printing avoids background colors, you use less printer ink and thus save your resources as well as those of the environment. If you do need the background colors, you can simply adjust your print settings.


Print function in the Workflow Generator


Q.wiki print function based on browser printing

Further improvements

  • In order for KeyUser to better help their team members log in, the login name is now also displayed in the user management. Additionally, all columns are now searched and not only the name.


Improved user management


  • In apps you create with Workflow Generator, the header bar now remains visible even when you scroll down. So you always have the most important information and functions in view!


Fixed header in workflow apps

Fixed bugs

  • Attachment references are reliably displayed again.
  • When you open tasks from apps you created with Workflow Generator from search, they are now displayed directly instead of just opening the corresponding app.
  • The interactive tour "Get to know history" now works properly.
  • The history quick view in the document guide no longer displays "Invalid date".
  • If you display list fields in overviews of the Workflow Generator and sort by them, a correct sort order is now displayed.
  • Images are now reliably displayed again when you assign a link to them.
  • KeyUser can now independently move pages between technically different areas - for example, between a process area and a knowledge area - To do this, simply switch the form of the page of the source area to the form of the target area.


Button for changing the form


  • Users of the ReadOnlyGroup will no longer see the button to delete discussions.
  • The team levels in role descriptions are now correctly translated into German.
  • IIn the glossary you can now deactivate the role descriptions again without a display error.
  • Deleted pages can be restored without errors.
  • Formal releases from knowledge areas are now also displayed on the personal page.
  • The date selection again has a scrollbar for easy selection of the year.
  • Employee profiles of deactivated users are not recreated nightly after deletion of the employee profile.
  • You can now also link to employee profiles.
  • The author of a comment now receives a notification if someone replies to it. This happens regardless of whether the author is responsible for the commented page at the same time or not.
  • The imagemap editor now displays all shapes transparently again.
  • Incorrect configuration of a multisite organizational unit no longer causes you to be unable to configure the organizational unit at all.
  • Large free text fields in the Workflow Generator, which are visible but not editable, are now displayed without errors in edit mode.
  • In the old PDF print, your company logo will no longer be duplicated.


  • Email addresses can no longer be used twice in Q.wiki. This is for the following reasons:
    • Q.wiki uses a user's email address for any notifications. If an email address is used more than once, it is no longer possible to identify the user for whom a notification is intended.
    • The "Reset password" function uses the email address to send the reset password. Multiple use of an email address therefore poses a high security risk: anyone with access to the email address can gain access to all Q.wiki users who use that email address.
    • In the future, the e-mail addresses will be used as login names. As long as several users use the same e-mail address, this conversion is not possible.
  • Multiple users who use an identical email address will not be forced to store a new email address in the course of this update. However, we strongly recommend that you change the corresponding e-mail addresses! As a user, you can easily make the change via the personal settings or as a KeyUser via the new user administration.


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