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Attention: These pre-release notes are an advance notice. Functions and in particular design elements in the user interface may still change until the final release. Furthermore, these pre-release notes will not replace the final and detailed release notes. 

With Q.wiki 6.0 we will renew the user interface around discussions as well as finish the optimisation of our file management - which was already started with the new images (Q.wiki 5.17). Both innovations affect the operation and use of Q.wiki, so we would like to pick you up extensively already now. In addition, we are planning a multi-stage release in order to be able to respond particularly quickly to feedback in these phases and to enable you as a user to make the smoothest possible transition to the new Q.wiki 6.0. 

From discussion to proposed change

The foundation of Q.wiki is to be as easy to use as possible. In addition to the design of the software, the comprehensibility of the terms is essential for this. However, the term "discussion" in the course of the central function of the release workflow repeatedly leads to confusion. If a user wants to change something, he does not expect to have to "open a discussion". After all, he does not want to discuss, but to propose a change. The discussion has usually already taken place outside Q.wiki. 

This means: the old "discussion" is much more of a "proposed change" and usually the result of a previous discussion within the company. In the course of user tests on the release workflow, we were able to confirm this and are now taking the opportunity to implement the term change. 

New user guidance

But we don't stop with the terms. We have also made major improvements within the user interface, making Q.wiki easier to use and more intuitive, especially for new users.

Proposed change

The switch between the released state and the suggested change has been improved. One of the most common stumbling blocks of new users is that they look for the "Edit" button because they are not aware that they are in the shared state. Instead of using tabs far away from other controls on the page, a new button has been added at the top right: right next to the other controls. If the "Edit" button is missing, it is immediately clear why. 


New button "Proposed change"



The left navigation bar has been tidied up. All functions that are administrative have been moved to the new tools menu. You will find this at the top right, directly next to the menu for your personal information. 

This restructuring offers all users a better focus on the essentials, as the main navigation has been reduced accordingly. 


New tool menu in Q.wiki


The new file management in Q.wiki

Currently, files in Q.wiki only exist in a fixed connection with a page, i.e. a file must be uploaded as an attachment to a page. Functions such as sharing, page responsibility or the maintenance of other metadata therefore only exist for a page and not for an individual file. This restriction makes sense for some files such as screenshots (attachment) because they are almost worthless without the context of a description. For independent files, such as an Excel template document (file page) or a PDF form (file page), many users want independent release, accountability and metadata maintenance, as we offer for process descriptions and work instructions, for example. We fulfil this wish with Q.wiki 6.0!

File page

In addition to the familiar wiki pages, we are adding the new page type file page. The range of functions of file pages is very similar to those of wiki pages: they can be linked, have a history, a document header, page responsibility, metadata and can be changed and released independently. The only difference is that a wiki page can be changed directly in Q.wiki via the edit mode, but the file page consists of an uploaded file and can thus only be updated via a renewed upload process or editing via WebDAV. 


The new page type File page


New attachments

With the new attachments, we have focused on improving the handling and at the same time ensuring a demarcation from file pages. New attachments (e.g. screenshots) can now be uploaded, deleted and replaced directly in edit mode. The cumbersome operation via the attachment list has thus been abolished. For a technical, but also content-related demarcation from the file page, attachments now only exist in the context of the corresponding page on which this file was uploaded and can no longer be linked on other pages. If a file is to be linked on several pages, this file must exist as a file page from now on. We offer a simple conversion for this purpose. Through this conversion, an attachment becomes a file page and can subsequently be linked to on other pages.


New attachments in Q.wiki


Migration of existing files/ old attachments

As an existing Q.wiki user, we will support you in mapping as smooth a path as possible from the old file management to the new file management. We will migrate your existing attachments as follows:

  • Old attachment is linked on several pages: 
    An old attachment automatically becomes a file page in the share status of the corresponding page where the old attachment was previously uploaded. 

    • Example: An old attachment is attached to a shared page and linked multiple times. We automatically migrate this old attachment to a shared file page with the metadata of the original page.

  • Old attachment is only linked on the page where the file is attached: 
    This old attachment becomes a new attachment and it can be updated/replaced directly in edit mode in the future. 

  • Old attachment is not linked anywhere, but only uploaded: 
    This old attachment is included at the end of the page where the attachment was uploaded and is available as a new attachment. 


Do you have any feedback or questions regarding Q.wiki 6.0? Please write to us at feedback@modell-aachen.de so that we can take your comments into account for the final release notes at the latest!


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