Content creation and process management

An empty wiki is worthless. The crucial factor for a successful interactive management system is therefore a basic fleshing out with high-quality, incremental, modifiable and well structured content. In case you do not have an intuitively comprehensible process landscape we are happt to work with you on a suitable structure with appropriate methodological tools. The structure of our standard quality management model has proved its worth for many clients. 

We believe that high-quality content is staff-friendly, should be modeled as simply as a cooking recipe and enriched with the experience of employees. We recommend the swimlane diagrams for cross-work processes. Our experience has shown the value of modeling processes and work instructions with the help of bullet points as running text is not as easily modified as it is required for interactive and living process management.

The next step is to transfer all content from all existing systems and locations within the company into the During the transfer we offer workshops to evaluate content and as teh case may be improve content in terms of its staff-friendliness and practicality. All kinds of templates will be attached as files to the appropriate processes into the and deleted from all other places.

Usually this phase is initially implemented as a limited pilot trial in order to demonstrate the value of the system in day to day operations.  Furthermore the pilot content serves as a template for the roll-out. Our experience shows that a high-quality and successful implementation of the pilot trial leads the desire of additional departments to also implement the This manner of implementation ensures that the does not have to be foisted upon the organization, rather the acceptance and valuing of the emerges in other areas of operation on its own.

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