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This is us – Modell Aachen GmbH

Since 2009 Modell Aachen GmbH has stood for interactive management systems based on Wiki technology. With software and management consulting we support our clients on their journey towards a process-led executive and lightweight knowledge management. We combine competence in consultation, implementation and IT under one umbrella. And successfully so! With 53 employees and more than 900 successfully rolled-out projects so far, our growth is ongoing.

Modell Aachen wurde 2009 gegründet

Founded in 2009

Modell Aachen GmbH: Standorte in Aachen und München

Located in Aachen

Die Modell Aachen GmbH hat 40 Mitarbeiter

Over 50 employees Die Modell Aachen GmbH hat über 500 Kunden weltweit

Over 1.400 customers worldwide


Our mission: To make interactive management systems based on Wiki technology a European standard. They simplify collaborating, accelerate process flows, and strengthen employees' accountability.




Die Modell Aachen GmbH ist eine Ausgründung der RWTH Aachen und des Fraunhofer IPT

Experienced, passionate, forward-thinking

Our company's roots are anchored in the chair of quality management at RWTH Aachen University and Fraunhofer IPT. As seasoned experts of interactive management systems we empower our clients to live an active knowledge culture which strategically taps the organisational experience of all employees.

We lead by example: Thanks to participatory leadership, a flat organisation, strong team spirit and an active exchange of knowledge we are growing by the day. Our highly-qualified team merges creativity and perfection, fun and professionalism. Lifeblood, a strong focus on tomorrow's digital trends and powerful interdisciplinary knowledge are the key ingredients to the continuous optimisation of our approach – for ourselves, and our clients. In short: We love what we do!


Dynamic enterprise with a solid foundation is our constant companion in our work: our interactive company platform combines all management systems in a web-based software – process-led, employee-centric, and user-friendly. Just like Modell Aachen, applies Best Practices and backs your employees' accountability. With "Participation Creates Identification" as our motto, all employees impart their personal experiences and proposals for improvement. This is how each and every one contributes to a dynamic enterprise with a solid foundation.

With training, workshops and consulting, we support our customers in securing Interactive Management Systems a permanent place in their everyday work. We are convinced of our approach - get an impression yourself!


Unternehmensphilosophie der Modell Aachen GmbH: partizipative Führung, flache Hierarchien, starker Zusammenhalt und aktiver Wissensaustausch

Porträt Doktor Carsten Behrens, Geschäftsführer Modell Aachen GmbH

Experts for Interactive Managementsystems

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