„For me as a QM manager, it would be great if employees didn’t regard our QM system as a tedious duty.“

Q.wiki has a highly motivating effect and helps the daily working life of each colleague. That way, working together becomes much easier for everyone.

„As an IT manager, I find scalability and future reliability very important!“

Q.wiki provides both. It is also multilingual and requires few resources - and that’s just the start. 

„As a businessman, I often want more commitment from my employees.“

Q.wiki encourages a paradigm change. Participation, self-optimisation and plenty of new fuel for your corporate engine are only three of the many effects...

Q.wiki stands for collaborative corporate organisation!

Q.wiki is the place where a company’s processes are documented transparently, where each employee contributes his/her knowledge and where the company is developed further together.


Experience Q.wiki

With Q.wiki you manage

  • Processes and specifications
  • Knowledge
  • Auditing and measures
  • Workflows and protocols
  • Projects and tasks

With Q.wiki you achieve

  • Stable processes and clear responsibilities
  • Consistent use of employee knowledge
  • Sustainable and participative corporate management
  • Minimum documentation effort, maximum effectiveness
  • Reduced search and query times

Q.wiki impresses with

  • Intuitive process modelling
  • Individual approval workflows
  • Automated document management
  • Intelligent information flow concept
  • Automatic allocation of topics to standards e.g. in accordance with ISO 9001
  • State of the art search technology
  • Individual rights management

Experience Q.wiki