Key User Training

The Academy Key User training is aimed at all employees who provide technical support to their colleagues during the introduction of To this end, we expand your skills with a deeper technical understanding of You will learn how to manage the system and put your new knowledge directly into practice.


In this training you will learn how to ...

  • put your theoretical knowledge about into practice.

  • configure together with our service team.

  • answer your colleagues' questions about as first-level support.


Your learning modules gardener: For a well-organized management system

You will become a gardener! This is ideal, because the gardening will pay off in the long run: You will ensure order in the management system in the future.


Technology Part 1

In this module we deepen your knowledge about the operation of


Rights management

The structure of, rights groups and the approval workflow are the central topics of this module.



Creating value through a uniform appearance and reducing search times for users - this is what we deal with in this learning module.


Moderating and enhancing

An empty or outdated management system has no value. We show you how to fill with life!


Technology part II

Now we get down to the nitty-gritty: We dive even deeper into the technical background of


Final exam to become a Management System expert

Great, all modules done! Put your knowledge to the test and receive your certificate.


  • Scope: 4 weeks access to the learning platform + 4 digital live sessions of one hour each
  • Course start: anytime
  • Cost per person: 199 €
  • Do I need certain skills for the Key User training?

    Yes. For the Key User training, you should already have mastered the basic functions of 

  • Is the Key User training also relevant for users of Multisite?

    Partially. The Key User training only covers Multisite in general. In order to address customer-specific requirements, we recommend an additional individual consultation.

  • Is the Key User training also relevant for me if I am already a Key User?

    Partially. The Key User training is aimed in particular at new Key Users. However, if you have already attended the training, we invite you to refresh your knowledge and familiarize yourself with new features.

  • Can I configure on my own after the training?

    No, Key Users can only perform simple configurations on their own. During the Key User training, we introduce you to all of's configuration options and limitations. Based on this knowledge, you can have customized in a targeted manner.

    Apart from the simplest customizations, we strongly recommend that you perform individual configurations with our service. This is the only way to ensure that the customizations are updateable and work correctly.


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