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(Re-)certification with Q.wiki - individual consulting and implementation


Approach upcoming audits in a more relaxed manner: With Q.wiki, you document and optimize processes together with all knowledge carriers. In this way, you bundle standard-relevant information efficiently in a management system that is relevant to everyday life and control necessary measures directly at a central location. In this way, you can make profitable use of the requirements of the standard and at the same time pass your external auditors' examinations! Whether ISO 9001, ISO 27001 or IATF 16949 - we accompany you reliably on the way to a successful certification with a methodological consulting.

(Re-)Certification with Q.wiki

With our experience from over 900 consulting projects, we optimally prepare your integrated management system for upcoming initial certifications and recertifications. Our consulting approach: Train the Trainer. In other words, we pass our entire knowledge on to you and enable your project managers to conduct in-house training courses themselves. In practical workshops, we work together to unlock the full potential of your interactive management system and prepare the way for your desired certification.


What you can expect in the consulting module (Re-)Certification


Bundle standards-relevant knowledge


Valuable knowledge is hidden in the heads of your team members - use it! Together, we design an interactive information platform that effectively supports you in your day-to-day work as well as during audits.

Discover process gaps


Which processes are already sufficiently documented and where are still gaps? Together, we analyze your process landscape and proactively correct deviations from standards.

Control measures


You can perform both internal and external audits directly in Q.wiki. We show you how to counteract any deviations from standards with targeted measures.

Achieve certifications easily


When preparing for external audits, our consultants provide you with methodical support: Together, you put the finishing touches to your management system and ensure its compliance with standards.


Successfully achieve (re)certification


This consulting module is designed for ...




Beratungsmodul für Qualitätsmanager

Quality Manager


  • prepare upcoming certifications

  • actually improve processes instead of just meeting standards



Beratungsmodul für Beauftragte für weitere Normen

Representative for other standards


  • Establish integrated management system for all standards
  • Maintain processes jointly instead of multiple times





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