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Key figure management with Q.wiki

The app for better process performance with Q.wiki


To make process performance measurable via key figures and to control workflows accordingly - this is what many quality management standards demand of companies. This is particularly advisable for processes that are decisive for the success of a company. Because only those who know their process key figures can systematically improve them. This is exactly what the key figures app in Q.wiki is made for!


Software for key figure management Q.wiki: Document, analyze and monitor key figures


With the help of the Turtle method, you can analyze, control and optimize your process performance. You can easily attach key performance descriptions to processes and use them to manage your key performance indicators in a targeted manner:



  • Who collects them in which intervals?
  • Who is responsible for them?
  • What is the target figure?
  • What are the intervention limits?
  • What are the consequences of intervention?




Process analysis with the Turtle diagram


Key figure management and process analysis using the Turtle method in Q.wiki




Easy and effective: key figure management with Q.wiki


Overview of all process key figures

Which key figures are collected where, when, and by whom? The KPI app provides you with a quick overview of all key figures and the most important data. Ideal prerequisites for your systematic and target-oriented KPI system!

Software for systematic key figure management Q.wiki: Overview of all process key figures



App for key figure management in Q.wiki: Create key figure profile

Clear key figure descriptions

In the key performance indicator description, you define the essential characteristics of your key performance indicators and thus create a common consensus – for example, on how often you survey a certain variable and where the respective intervention limit lies.



Linking between key figure descriptions and processes

In Q.wiki, you record your key figures exactly where they occur – namely in the process itself. In this way, your key figures are always clearly assigned to the relevant process.

Key figure management with the Q.wiki software: Linking key figure profiles and process documentation




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