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Change Management - individual consulting and implementation


The introduction of Q.wiki brings a big change to your corporate culture. And every employee reacts differently to change! That's why well thought-out change management is indispensable - after all, the success of your interactive management system stands and falls with the commitment of your colleagues. We support you on your way to participative management with hand-on methods and communication tips for the individual phases of change.


Guide change processes

With our experience from over 900 consulting projects, we enable you to successfully integrate Q.wiki into your corporate culture and convince all team members of the benefits of cultural change. Our consulting approach: train the trainer. In other words, we pass on our knowledge entirety to you and provide your project managers with valuable impulses for future change processes. In practical workshops, we introduce you to proven tools for sustainable change management and apply them directly.


What you can expect in the change management consulting module


Learn the basics of change management

What changes are you facing with the introduction of a new software? And how do you best deal with them? We make the cultural change that comes with Q.wiki easier for you and provide you with advice on all methodological issues.

Managing the phases of change

From the initial shock to full acceptance - your consultant will tell you all about the individual phases of the change process. Together, you will develop suitable methods to successfully manage all the ups and downs.

Highlight advantages for your company

How do you benefit from Q.wiki? We help you to clearly communicate the individual added value for your company and to emphasize the change as a necessary solution to a problem. This way you as a company pull together!

Dealing with restistance


A change in corporate culture often triggers fears or even resistance among those affected. We show you how to deal with the concerns of your team members and dispel any doubts.

Change Management

Managing change processes effectively


This consulting module is designed for ...




Beratungsmodul für Führungskräfte



  • practical introduction to the topic of change management

  • promoting willingness to change and acceptance of quality and process management in the company



Beratungsmodul für Projektleiter und Prozessverantwortliche

Project managers and process owners


  • professional coaching on the topic of change management
  • getting the entire team excited about change in the company and participative leadership





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