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Your personal Technical Account Manager (TAM) is part of a team of technical consultants and your single point of contact. A TAM will only support a limited number of customers to be able to fully concentrate on your organization, system and the corresponding infrastructure. Thus, coordination efforts will be reduced and timely reactions to your request guaranteed. You can schedule an appointment with your TAM in advance, which allows a predictable and continuous cooperation on your system. Your TAM helps you to ensure that the configuration of your meets your current use cases and our recommendations.

Introduce together with your management consultant in terms of content to your organization. Your personal TAM will take care of the necessary technical requirements.

You will benefit in various ways with your TAM:


  • Customizable support processes

    Define together the rules of cooperation, for example for maintenance, the upkeep of VPN accesses or the operation of test systems. Establish your personal TAM as project leader whenever scheduled work on has to be executed.

  • Individual insight into development

    Your TAM knows your requirements and will inform you as soon as required features or bug fixes are available for you. In addition, he will keep you informed about the planned development roadmap.

  • Coordination and implementation of updates and upgrades

    Especially these recurring tasks require coordination and preparatory actions: Shall a new feature be installed? In which configuration? Are trainings required or do employees find necessary information about changes in Who contacts the corporate IT department and checks if all technical requirements for an update are fulfilled?
    Those and similar issues will arise throughout the entire lifecycle of your Your personal TAM will plan and organize updates and upgrades and become your central information hub.

  • Organization and execution of technical trainings

    For cost efficiency or strategic decisions, it might be in your interest to operate the system through your Key User and only minimum support by Modell Aachen in the long term. The goal of our TAMs is always sharing their knowledge with you. In addition to the regular transfer of knowledge during cooperation, we offer individual trainings for your employees.

  • Specification of your requirements for improvements

    You miss features in or you would like to suggest improvements for existing features? Unfortunately, our TAMs cannot provide you with the customized source code. However, your TAM helps you to specify your suggestions to make sure that your use case will be considered and is well understood for future developments by our developers. Please note that our TAMs cannot influence the product roadmap or prioritization of inquiries. Only the product manager is eligible to do so.

  • Collaboration with your IT department Enterprise runs within your IT infrastructure. Consequently, your internal IT support will be regularly involved in the operation of Therefore, it can be very helpful to speak the same language. Our TAMs possess extensive experience in administration and are able to communicate on equal terms with your IT support.



The service “Technical Account Manager” is priced at 12.500€ per year plus time and materials. TAM services are invoiced exact to the hour for the first hour and subsequently exact to the minute. The expenses are offset against your service budget (the regular scale of discount applies). The price applies for up to three defined contact persons. The additional option “response time (8/16)” is included.


the details of this offer remain? Here you can find the most important answers at a glance.

Generally, we recommend the cooperation with a TAM in the following three cases:

  • Your company’s infrastructure is complex: Especially corporate groups often rely on complex IT-infrastructures. Therefore, problems may arise with interfaces to (e.g. proxies, load balancing, Active Directory). Our TAMs offer valuable support in the cooperation with your internal IT department.
  • You plan to integrate several entities or sites into (group package): In this case we recommend cooperating with our TAMs at least until the system is in regular operation. Especially during the gradual expansion of further sites, you might face technical challenges which can be quickly and effectively resolved with your TAM.
  • Your system is highly customized (existing customers): In this case a TAM can simplify the operation of your system as he is familiar with your individual adaptions and can directly react to requests without needing elaborate explanations. Additionally, your TAM can create individual test plans for your existing adaptions and check these during maintenance.

TAMs can be booked anytime by Enterprise customers, provided that a free resource is available.

The cooperation with your TAM is mainly scheduled in advance, so you will receive the support reliably at the time you need it. Appointments can be booked through a self-service one month in advance. Furthermore, you can individually plan recurring appointments or projects with your contact person.

To be able to react as fast as possible, we kindly ask you to phone our technical support service. If all our service employees are on the phone and therefore not available, we recommend sending an Email to our support address. Of course, you can also inform your Technical Account Manager, but he will also be informed by our support employees.

The TAM is not designed as a replacement for our support service, but rather a partner for a long-term and continuous cooperation. By experience, it is more efficient for both parties to work on a bundle of requests on a regular basis than reacting to smaller individual issues on request. Thus, we recommend addressing simple questions about the usage of to our support team.

Furthermore, we want to make sure that your TAM can fully focus on your requests during your appointment. Interruptions in form of short questions by other customers would interfere with this objective. Therefore, the first hour is accounted for exact to the hour.

The concept of TAM is designed for individual, continuous and long-term help. Short questions about the functioning of are still better addressed to our support team (see also FAQ “Why are TAM expenses accounted for exact to the hour for the first hour?”)

Bugs can be reported to your TAM or directly to our support service. A quick question is best addressed to our support team.

Individualizations (modification to the source code of are also not possible with a TAM. But your TAM will ensure that you use the full configuration scope of

Officially not supported releases also cannot be supported by a TAM.

If your main contact person is absent, you will get a substitute from the team of Technical Account Managers. Please be aware, that the substitute will not be able to know your system, your infrastructure and main contact persons as well as your regular TAM. Tasks may therefore take longer and require more of support on your side. Thus, it may make sense to wait until your regular contact person is available again.

The work done by your TAM is quite individual. In case your TAM would leave our company, you are eligible to terminate the TAM contract. Furthermore, the training period for new employees in the team of TAMs is very time-consuming. Due to the limited number of customers per TAM it might not be possible for us to provide a qualified substitute immediately, if your personal TAM would leave our company.

One of the main benefits of working together with a TAM is maximum knowledge transfer. To ensure an intensive cooperation and to provide enough time with your contact person, we have limited the number of contact persons in your company to three. If you would like to define more contact persons in your company, we kindly ask you to book the additional service TAM several times. The number of customers supported by your contact person decreases accordingly, of course.

Unfortunately, we cannot treat your feature requests with priority. However, we recommend defining feature requests together with your TAM, to make sure that future developments and configurations meet your requirements. The final decision (with regards to timeline and content) on developments is still up to the product owner and cannot be directly influenced by the TAMs.