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Audit management with Q.wiki

The app for relaxed audits with Q.wiki


Many companies focus on nothing but the certificate when it comes to an audit: process data are updated shortly before a re-audit only. The company's actual benefit – an optimised organisation – fails to materialise. The lightweight audit management in Q.wiki allows you to explore the full potential of your enterprise.


Audit app in Q.wiki: Plan audit program and track with measures


The interactive management software Q.wiki provides optimal assistance with the preparation, execution, and follow-up of audits. What makes Q.wiki's audit management special is how it encourages employees to share their experiences as well as identified error sources with little effort with the software – relevant content is tied directly to the related audit. The current status of all upcoming audits and the respective logs of all completed audits can be retrieved any time. This makes it very easy for you to plan your auditing schedule. Even the workload for the outside auditor is clearly reduced because all audit-related content is stored at a central location. The auditor carries out the audit directly in Q.wiki. Conveniently manage and track discrepancies using the integrated action management. Thanks to the ongoing maintenance of your integrated management system you will be much more relaxed about the upcoming system audit – because you can rely on an optimised organisation that uses Best Practices.



Easy and effectice: audit management with Q.wiki


Easy-to-use auditing schedule

Q.wiki assists you with planning your annual auditing schedule. All scheduled audits are recorded in audit management in one central system, giving you total transparency at all times about the status of upcoming audits. Once the audits have been completed, their audit records can be viewed and retrieved any time.

Software for audit management Q.wiki: Create clear audit program



Software for audit management Q.wiki: Create audit report easily

Intuitive audit reports

Intuitively create new audit reports in Q.wiki. Simply align the preferred framework such as audit criteria with your specific requirements. Introduce new content to Q.wiki, tie the individual process directly to the audit concerned to ensure an optimally-structured management system



Integrated measures management

Q.wiki even records audit findings for you. Use the software to define, control and track any action to counter audit discrepancies with ease. The integrated action management creates a central and retraceable overview of all discrepancies and the resulting tasks – you no longer need to maintain multiple lists of measures.

Software for audit management Q.wiki with integrated measures management




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