Log management with Q.wiki

Most meetings will rob you of your time without generating any real value: the outcome of past meetings cannot be found, and new findings are not logged. The vast list of measures often means losing sight of the tasks that need tackling – resulting in oversights and twice the work. So it's high time to streamline your log management in Q.wiki!

Protokoll-App in Q.wiki: protokollieren und Maßnahmen verfolgen

The Q.wiki interactive management platform helps you to design your agendas and minutes for recurring meetings with speed and ease, all in one go: attendees collaborate on setting the agenda in advance and the outcome is recorded directly during the meeting in a carry-forward list. There is no follow up: transparently store all the information and resulting to-dos at a central location.

If a meeting is missed, the points that were discussed are reliably located later – attendees always stay on top of all to-do and done items. Your meetings will become clearly more efficient.

Advantages of the log app

  • active participation of all employees to ensure minimal documentation effort with maximum impact
  • always on top of all the to-dos and dones, for greater transparency
  • real-time log to distinctly minimise duplicating work and oversights
  • central information platform for minimal search and query times



How does simple and efficient logging work with Q.wiki?

1| Intuitive measure management

The days of compiling tasks from countless lists of measures are over! Q.wiki log management helps you to create a transparent and easy-to-read overview of all meetings, including agendas, completed agenda items and outstanding to-dos. The integrated measure management lets you define, delegate, and track work orders. Scheduled tasks are automatically shown both in the updated log and on the recipient's personal page.


2| Real-time logging

You will log your findings together and in real time – there is no elaborate follow-up. Q.wiki's log management records decisions while in the meeting to ensure that they reach everyone involved with clarity. All logs are transparently pooled at a central point – easy to locate and read for everyone, any time. An integrated full-text search facilitates the search of all logs for specific content.


3| Integrated rights management

Wish to limit accessibility to certain logs? Q.wiki's rights management lets you define who gets to read and edit your logs.

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