Technical Account Manager (TAM) for

Boost your! The Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your dedicated contact right by your side, who knows your enterprise and your system with its infrastructure like the back of his hand. The TAM is your Single Point of Contact in our experienced team of technical support representatives: Get the most out of even faster response times and an even more intensive support because your TAM assists a limited number of clients only.

Together with your dedicated technical support representative you regularly review if your system meets the current needs of your enterprise. Your TAM even keeps you up to date with technical advancements and advises you as needed on all questions regarding Next to technical upgrades in your TAM is also your direct interface for your IT requirements, such as tying in additional locations or departments. From maintenance to suggestions for improvement to training, your TAM is your reliable point of contact. With the support of your TAM, you will optimise your system continually, and predictably.


Advantages of the TAM

Dedicated point of contact

  • Demand-actuated advice on all questions regarding
  • Faster response times
  • Personalised scheduling
  • Customised support processes

Personalised service

  • Coordination and execution of updates and upgrades
  • Organisation and holding of technical training seminars
  • Communication interface with progress and your IT department


You have more questions about the TAM?

Search our FAQ database first for an answer:

Adding the Technical Account Manager support is priced at €17,500.00 annually, plus expenses incurred. Expenses are invoiced for the first hour by the hour, thereafter by the minute. Expenses are offset against the service budget (staggered discounts apply). The price applies to three defined contact persons at your company. The Response Times (8/16) option is included.

All Enterprise clients may integrate the services of a TAM if resources are available.

We recommend adding the support from a TAM for the following three cases:

  • You have a highly complex infrastructure: The more complex your IT infrastructure, the more complicated it is to set up with interfaces like your browser, AD Server, Proxies or Loadbalancer. Our TAMs provide valuable support to your internal IT department for this.
  • You wish to set up at multiple locations (group package): Expanding your system by gradually adding locations will result in technical challenges. The TAM will solve this fast and effectively.
  • Your is highly customised (portfolio client): Customised software requires customised support. The TAM is aware of your customisations and takes care of specific enquiries live and direct. Additionally, the TAM will generate customised test schedules and review these during routine maintenance.

You may schedule appointments with your dedicated TAM up to one month in advance via Customer Self Service. Routine appointments or projects in the further future are best planned directly with your point of contact.

If your dedicated TAM is absent, a substitute will be made available if you have an urgent matter. If your query is not so urgent, we recommend that you wait for your dedicated point of contact to return: He or she is familiar with your system and is therefore able to work faster than the sub.

Our TAMs do not replace our support services: They complement them with a personalised and ongoing collaboration with our clients. Our experience has shown that this collaboration is more efficient during a longer, fixed appointment than if made available during a short call. We therefore invoice the TAMs services for the first hour by the hour.

If you have a brief question on how to use, please continue to approach our support team, whose services are invoiced by the minute.

A shorter notice period for special termination gives you security: To support our clients as best as possible our TAMs’ capacities are limited. If your point of contact leaves our enterprise, it may not be possible to assign a new dedicated TAM to you at short notice. In this case you may simply terminate the added support service.

The collaboration between yourself and your TAM is very intense because it is geared towards the maximum sharing of knowledge. Therefore, the number of contact persons at your organisation is limited to three. If you wish to define more than three contact persons, you may include additional TAM support services multiple times.

Your TAM makes sure that you draw on the full configuration spectrum that offers. Not even your TAM is able to customise – i.e. change the source code of – beyond this.

Together with your dedicated point of contact you may define new features for, thereby contributing to the software's continuous improvement. Your feedback is invaluable for us! However, we ask that you understand that we cannot prioritise your individual development requests. If and when your requests will be implemented depends on many different factors and is for the product owner to decide.