Interactive management systems with is a company's central hub where you collaboratively document processes and work instructions to advance your organisation together. Each knowledge bearer carries experiences and ideas for improvement within them which they share with an interactive management system using the web-based QM software, thereby actively shaping their working environment! Participation is the key to anchoring Best Practices efficiently and sustainably within your organisation: turn passive players into active agents! allows you to create a solid foundation for an integrated management system that offers maximum transparency, high dynamics, and total reliability: A freely configurable release workflow secures content and formal accuracy. Your antiquated QM manual becomes a vivid information and working platform – resulting in a modern, participatory corporate culture.

Impressions benefits

  • intuitive process modelling and familiar design for short onboarding phase
  • active participation of all employees for maximum acceptance
  • central information platform for process-led knowledge management
  • customised rights management to protect sensitive information
  • direct allocation of relevant content to respective audit for straightforward audit action

  • browser-based solution for minimal technical input
  • efficient release workflow for reliable content
  • automated versioning for complete transparency of process flows
  • integrated file management for forms and master copies
  • cutting-edge search technology for minimal search and query times


With you manage lets you

  • establish stable process flows and clear responsibilities
  • draw on the full knowledge of your employees
  • pursue sustained and participatory corporate management
  • perform minimal documentation input with maximum effect
  • minimise search and query times


Go to applications is available in two versions Now!

  • The software and its data are based on a server of Modell Aachen GmbH.
  • The costs of Now! are tied to the number of users. Enterprise

  • You host on your own server.
  • The costs of Enterprise are tied to the number of employees.

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Introduction of

Specialist-, methodological- and technical knowledge from a single source

From project to change management: We support you with our experience from more than 400 successful projects in the organizational introduction of an interactive management system. We advise you on all content-related, strategic and technical questions according to your needs.

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