8 steps to successfull internal projects


8 steps to successfull internal projects


It is no longer a new phenomenon that the demands placed on companies are becoming increasingly complex and evolving at an ever faster pace. But how can these rapid changes be mastered in the long term? Internal projects with interdisciplinary teams are a sustainable - and necessary - success factor. These enable companies to implement necessary or desired adjustments alongside their day-to-day business.

The importance of internal projects will continue to increase in the future. In practice, however, many companies still encounter challenges that often cause projects to fail.


This is why many internal projects fail during implementation

It is not uncommon for internal projects not to be completed successfully. Often it is due to the lack of a clear answer to the following questions:

  • When is a project a project?
  • When is a project realized and when is a project idea rejected?
  • How is a project set up properly and which risks have to be considered?
  • How is the status of ongoing projects and which tasks are still open?
  • When is a project completed and when should it be cancelled?

The first step in the right direction is to define clear answers to these questions. All in all, we provide you with 8 tips for successful internal projects!


The solution: a clearly defined project process

Corporate groups often meet the challenges of internal projects with powerful project management software and a lot of external capacity - resources that are usually lacking in medium-sized businesses. The smart alternative for small and medium-sized businesses is a clearly defined process for internal projects that is firmly anchored in the company and supported by a simple software solution.

These 8 process steps will guide you to a successful internal project process:


Projektmanagement mit Q.wiki: Projektrahmen definieren

Step 1: Define a clear project framework.

Use the questions in the section above to map out the most important parameters and keep track of your current projects.


Step 2: Define success and cancellation criteria as well as milestones.

These criteria will help you manage your project in a goal-oriented way and measure its success.

Projektmanagement mit Q.wiki: Erfolgskriterien und Meilensteine definieren


Projektmanagement mit Q.wiki: Projekte priorisieren

Step 3: Prioritize your project ideas.

A benefit-effort assessment will help you decide which project to start and when, or to start at all.


Step 4: Focus on several small projects rather than one big one.

This way, you'll achieve benefits faster and tie up fewer resources at once.

Projektmanagement mit Q.wiki: Große Projekte unterteilen


Projektmanagement mit Q.wiki: Organisatorischen Rüstaufwand minimieren

Step 5: Limit the number of projects that run simultaneously.

SThis will minimize your organizational setup effort.


Step 6: Form cross-departmental project teams.

This will create valuable synergies.

Projektmanagement mit Q.wiki: Interdisziplinäre Projektteams


Projektmanagement mit Q.wiki: Regelmäßige Absprachen mit dem Projektteam

Step 7: Communicate regularly with your project team.

This helps to remove obstacles and distribute open tasks.


Step 8: Reflect on your projects.

Learn from past projects to continuously improve.

Projektmanagement mit Q.wiki: Projekte reflektieren




Finding the right software for your project management

The organizational project process can be ticked off. What's missing now is the right software that supports your project organization with a digital workflow. Your project tool should easily allow you to ...

  • collect and prioritize project ideas and proposals.
  • define clear project milestones.
  • create project templates.
  • keep track of all project statuses.
  • manage your projects and tasks in a targeted manner.

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