Collaborative process management in tool construction

Christian Karl Siebenwurst GmbH & Co. KG

  • Corporate group with focus on model and mould making
  • 850 Employees
  • 100 mio turnover

Roland Siebenwurst, Managing Director of the Group, reports:

How did you maintain your QM system before

"Until 2011, our QM system was a collection of Excel and Word documents: centrally maintained documents with the usual time lag between reality and documentation. A data pool that was sufficiently "documentary" for customers and auditors, but did not reach our employees in everyday life.

If you take a look where the true values and potentials with regard to knowledge and organization are "on the way" in the company, then you will quickly identify the "corridor radio" and of course the many email chains between the knowledge carriers. The big disadvantage is that only those who communicate directly with each other benefit. The rest remains ignorant and thus the possible view of the "big picture" is lost.

In the management it was clear to us that we have to think more in processes. All employees should document their process knowledge exactly where it arises. This knowledge should also support our management tasks."

Why did you choose

"The coincidence, if there is one now, led us to This happened in the course of an event at RWTH Aachen. There we got to know Modell Aachen GmbH, which at that time already spoke of interactive management systems in the field of quality management and transferred them into application reality on the basis of Wiki systems.

Together we started our first pilot. He was able to convince the key figures in the company very quickly. This was quickly followed by implementation at the entire site."

How has proven itself in your company?

"What I find fascinating about Q.Wiki is that it provides us with an open forum for bringing all the process participants involved together across departments. In this way, we discuss the processes down to the last detail and agree on them as part of the overall process. This means that the employees create YOUR process together with their colleagues. This results in a positive motivation to continuously improve and drive the processes - and to act accordingly.

In retrospect, we had particularly good prerequisites at a very important point: The QM, IT and GF departments pulled in the same direction from the very first minute. After several years with, the high acceptance can be seen in the access figures: There are constantly more than 16,000 per month".