Widely accepted management system: over 90% of employees are regularly active


Interactive Managementsystem at Lake Solutions, Quote Alfred Tena: The motivation to document relevant information has sustainably increased thanks to Q.wiki. Our management system is co-designed by employees and enjoys a high level of acceptance. Continuous improvement is no longer just a buzzword, it is a fact.

About LAKE Solutions AG 

LAKE Solutions AG is one of the leading Information and Communication Technology solutions providers in the DACH region. The Swiss company offers customized IT solutions - allowing customers to benefit from high-quality products and the specialist expertise of our employees.


The challenge before Q.wiki 

In January 2019, we earned ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification after about 1.5 years of lead time. The preparation and execution of the audit was complex and very time-consuming due to our wide array of documentation. We were looking for a tool that could serve as a basis and support mechanism for both internal and external audits. Furthermore, we wanted to optimize the structure of our documentation and create and information platform that could support our employees in their daily work. The existing SharePoint solution served purely as a record filing system - documents were printed out, filled in manually and scanned in again. We wanted to make this resource-intense process more efficient. Another focus was on the handling and documentation of risks: Before Q.wiki, risks were managed in Excel spreadsheets, separate from process descriptions. In addition to the development of a QMS/ISMS, the simplification of everyday tasks such as the logging of meetings, task distribution, the mapping of processes and certain automations were at the top of the priority list.



Herausforderung: Wie dokumentiere ich mein Managementsystem?




Die richtige Managementsoftware finden: Q.wiki

The decision for Q.wiki

Alfred Tena, Head of Sales Administration, became aware of Q.wiki and Modell Aachen GmbH back in 2018 through an internet search. His interest was quickly piqued by the simple, intuitive usability, as this is an important prerequisite for wide acceptance of a new tool. The deciding factor was the possibility of centrally storing information, which can be worked on jointly and in an audit-proof manner. The timing for the introduction of an Interactive Management System was not ideal at the time, so Alfred Tena turned to the Modell Aachen team a year later. After the last questions about auditing and risk management had been clarified with Q.wiki, LAKE Solutions AG was convinced that they had found the right software solution.


Success with Q.wiki

The introduction of Q.wiki took place within about seven project days. Four LAKE Solutions AG employees were deeply familiarized with Q.wiki and from then on were the first point of contact for their colleagues on all Q.wiki-related topics. The early involvement of our employees was achieved through two core elements: 1. an early, informative project kick-off with role-specific benefit arguments and 2. documentation of concrete process descriptions with the specialist teams. This led to a high level of acceptance of the new system during the project kick-off phase and to an enjoyable documentation procedure that contained all relevant information.

The positive vibes continue even two years after the go-live of the project. We can sustainably enrich the daily work of the entire company. Expressed in figures, this means that over 90% of all employees log into the system each month! Further facts prove the success of our management system:

  • 100 read accesses per employee and month and 3,500 write accesses per year.
  • Fast and uncomplicated documentation editing helps to quickly integrate process changes


Q.wiki has become the first point of contact for questions in everyday work and also offers our employees support in carrying out various work processes. Our management system has thus grown far beyond the verification documentation of process descriptions.

  • Through more than 15 operationally useful applications, we have eliminated Excel chaos.
  • Thanks to the protocol app, no employee needs handwritten notes and to-do lists anymore.
  • With the help of the risk app, we can efficiently and meaningfully identify our business opportunities and risks, evaluate them, and act based on them.
  • Information security reports and the registration of new customers also works excellently via individual apps. 


The upward trend is sustainable - writing accesses increased by 74% in the second year after the introduction. Through the social media approach, our employees have turned from mere readers into authors and are actively involved in updating our documentation as needed. On the one hand, the writing rights of our employees lead to a much higher actuality of the entire system and at the same time relieves the central responsible persons. They no longer must introduce changes themselves and, thanks to the simple release workflow, can quickly and easily check and approve adjustments made by colleagues. With a 2-year average of about 300 writes per month, we come up with a healthy 1:8 ratio of reads to writes.


The results with Q.wiki

With Q.wiki we have built up our own company wiki in the last two years, which is co-designed by our employees and thus has an incredibly high acceptance - no comparison to before! Through the participation of all, improvements are continuously achieved. The preparation and execution of audits are now child's play thanks to the system's high degree of actuality and simple norms and standards management.

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