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Process Digitization in the Interactive Management System at Franke GmbH

About Franke GmbH

As the inventor of the wire-race bearing, the Franke GmbH team has been solving customers' individual requirements in the field of rotary and linear motion since 1936. Today, Franke is internationally known as a specialist for rolling bearings and linear systems. In addition to its German headquarter in Aalen, the company has numerous representatives worldwide.


The challenge ahead of

We used to collect many different documents in different formats on our file server; we created and embedded our flowcharts with Microsoft Visio. Since our QM department maintained the management system centrally, changes and their approvals were very time-consuming. As a result, many processes were only  described superficially and the required information was never available in the most current version. This made it very difficult, especially for new employees, to understand the individual processes and instructions. One may therefore describe our management system at the time as a classic "audit manual", which was of little help to us in our day-to-day work.

In addition, the digital transformation was and is a particular challenge for us: We would like to successfully master the balancing act between traditional manufacturing and forward-looking technologies together with our team.



Challenge: How do I document my management system?



Find the right management software:

The decision for

For our management system, we were looking for a new, modern tool that is easy to manage. So the exact opposite of our previously used system! There are many interesting tools on the market that offer exactly that. However, the overall concept of Modell Aachen GmbH ultimately convinced us the most.

The decentralized approach corresponds exactly to our company philosophy: All employees are involved in the creation and optimization of our processes. The continuous improvement of our workflows is our daily task and for this offers the perfect match.


The results of quickly established itself throughout the company as a management system that we all actively use to exchange knowledge. With the Workflow Generator, we have also succeeded in taking an important step towards digital transformation: The workflow management tool allows us to generate our own individual apps for and digitize existing processes with it.

Especially during the Corona pandemic, proved to be an essential tool and digital infoboard for us:

  • Despite shift work and home office, we could always access the current processes - completely independent of time and place.
  • We were able to inform our employees optimally about the current situation and the further procedure.
  • We were even able to hold our staff meeting digitally without any problems and in compliance with all legal requirements.



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