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Interaktives Managementsystem im KMU Schweitzer-Chemie, Zitat Ute Kienzle: Mit unserem Wiki sind wir gut für die Zukunft gerüstet. Schlanke Dokumentation, für alle verfügbar, digital und ausbaufähig. Das nächste Audit ist automatisch inbegriffen.

About the Zettl Group

The Zettl Group combines the automotive, interior, meditec and IT systems sectors under one roof. For more than 30 years, global players from the automotive industry have trusted the expertise of the Bavarian company - from development to quality management. 


The challenge ahead of 

The Zettl Group consists of various subdivisions in a wide range of industries - from mask production to technical services in the automotive sector. Therefore, there are different, independent (parallel) core processes, which are, however, empowered and controlled by shared support and management processes. In addition, we have to meet many different requirements, especially with regard to highly regulated medical devices. For example, we are certified to ISO 9001. We wanted to integrate all of our areas into one management system in a business-oriented way. In the previous solution, we worked with eight different document types, which resulted in time-consuming document management and maintenance. As a result, the documentation of processes was often not up to date in many places and provided little operational benefit for our company and our employees.   



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The decision for 

The requirements for our new management system were high: It had to do justice to our four different corporate divisions and map them meaningfully in a coherent system. We also wanted to use the new system for a wide range of certifications. Furthermore, it was important to us that the system should do more than just pass audits - it should offer our team added value in their daily work. convinced us in this regard, among other things: 

  • As a central information platform about process knowledge, which, for example, accelerates the onboarding of new employees and stabilizes process changes.
  • With clearly assignable (process) responsibilities, which increase commitment and thus process reliability.
  • With improved collaboration across process interfaces by linking upstream and downstream processes.
  • With its clear structure - for end users - which allows us to find all information quickly.
  • With its intuitive usability, which makes it easy for everyone to make suggestions for changes.
  • With the simple document control and editing, which allows a quick discussion and release of improvements.
  • In addition, scores points with its workflow generator, with which we were able to digitize some (paper) processes ourselves.


The results of 

11 months after the go-live, we are reviewing the first results - and are excited about how has already established itself in the company and what added value the system is providing after less than a year.


1. New process-oriented structure - interdepartmental work

The major challenge of mapping our four corporate divisions in one system has worked excellently with Thanks to adaptable metadata and the extensive filter and search functions, we can easily find process knowledge again. The decentralized nature of the system is important for the further development of process knowledge. We can see that this works very well from the fact that even when the system was being set up, over half of the writing accesses came from employees who are not part of the core project team. That's great, because it gets us away from our old structures and towards comprehensive process thinking. This greatly supports the acceptance of the management system through participation.

Zettl - Average accesses in the start phase

2. Successful project management 

Thanks to clear project guidance from Modell Aachen, the start with was a complete success. In the introductory phase up to the go-live, we were already able to design more than 60% of the pages in due to a clear structure of the project and a decentralized intake of the content. After a joint revision, we were able to "go live" in the entire company just in time for the launch - this shortened the fill-in phase enormously and the number of work instructions doubled from 95 in only 3 months.


Zettl - Page status around Go-Live


3. becomes an effective tool in everyday life 

The rapid implementation phase enabled us to reduce the number of releases after go-live from 110 per week to just 35 per week, and the proportion of accesses shifted from the process area (85%) to the app area, which accounted 40% of all accesses. Both developments are clear signs for us that the system has been well accepted by our employees and has now effectively stabilized in everyday use.  

Further data has confirmed the success of our new management system: 

  • 75% of users are regularly in the system 
  • 35 different people are responsible for processes 
  • 1,800 updates per month  
  • 11 apps in regular operation 
  • Up to 23,000 accesses per month


Zettl - Percentage of users logged in per month


4. Thanks to simple, fast document management and standard assignment, the certification process is effortless.

The mapping of the four corporate units in one system enables us, among other things, to achieve the required certifications with noticeably less effort than before. Since the data is always up to date thanks to constant adaptation, there is no need to rush before audits and we benefit from automatic standard assignment during preparation.

5. simplifies collaboration 

We now have not only all the necessary documentation for successful audits, but also all process-relevant information from all areas of the company collected in one system. In addition, the information is presented in a process-oriented manner, making cross-team collaboration much easier. This is incredibly valuable for our company and our employees!


Zettl - document types


6. Applications make the software a complete management system

The requirements we had for our new management system are also met by through its applications. Thanks to no-code digitalization, we were able to digitalize our use cases very easily and quickly.

In the meantime, we use apps for the following   

  • Complaint management - A clear way to be able to report, check, evaluate and control complaints.  
  • Risks - This allows us to manage our risks in the management system (i.e., integrated into the processes).
  • Returns - Clear and target-oriented processing. 
  • Audits  - Audit planning, execution and measures tracking in one app. 
  • Supplier - auditing and assessment - To ensure customer satisfaction beyond our internal processes. 
  • 5A-audits- To systematically improve our work environment.
  • Minutes management - To carry out goal-oriented communication and meetings and to take effective desicions in the long term. Interaktive Managementsoftware Logo

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