Away from departmental thinking, towards thinking in processes


Interactive management system in the SME Schweitzer-Chemie, quote Ute Kienzle: With our Wiki, we are well equipped for the future. Lean documentation, available to all, digital and expandable. The next audit is automatically included.

About Schweitzer-Chemie GmbH

The motto of Schweitzer-Chemie GmbH: Water is our life. With passion and team spirit, the medium-sized company has been offering holistic solutions for all aspects of water treatment and water purification since 2001. In doing so, the experts ensure the smooth running of their customers' plants with technical and chemical products as well as competent service.


The challenge ahead of

Prior to 2019, our documentation and related documents were stored in various locations - some centrally, some on the local drives of the individual departments. In addition, our management manual was not structured in processes, but sorted by topics. As a result, relevant information was difficult to find, issues were sometimes described several times in different types of documentation, and the interfaces between departments were not clearly defined.

After several years of documentation, it became clear that we needed to manage the large amount of information in our company more systematically in the long term. We therefore wanted to maintain regulations for the entire company in only one central location, thus making it easier to keep them up to date at all times. And that was also going to change: We wanted to move away from departmental thinking to process thinking with clear interfaces between the individual organizational units.



Challenge: How do I document my management system?



Find the right management software:

The decision for

For our new management system, we wanted software that was both innovative and intuitive to use. In this respect, has fully convinced us! Especially with the well-known Wikipedia look and the full text search, which allows us to find all information with the right keywords very quickly. And our processes can also be mapped superbly in the software.

An additional plus point was the good cooperation with the young, dynamic team at Modell Aachen. The consultants respond to the individual requirements of companies: They provide support both in the technical introduction of the new software and in getting all employees on board. This contributes significantly to a living management system.


The results of

Initially, we started by documenting our processes, work instructions and much more information in the wiki. Gradually, we expanded our process management with additional modules. Today, we successfully use our Interactive Management System for

  • meetings and minutes
  • audits
  • complaint management
  • risk management

Thanks to the employee profiles, we also always have a good overview of our organizational structure.

The greatest added value for our company is that all our documentation is now finally united in a central, process-oriented system. All related information is linked here. In this way, we can find the process description we need, including all cross-departmental interfaces, in no time at all. The simple release workflow also allows us to flexibly adapt processes and always keep them up to date - so we are also super-equipped for audits. And the external view from Modell Aachen always provides new impetus for streamlining processes.



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