Optimal support for the migration to a new ERP platform


Interactive Management System at Sycor, Quote Manfred Grossmann: "Q.wiki was a key success component in the rollout of our new SAP business platform. The intuitive operation has supported us in our processes and collaboration every day since then."

About SYCOR GmbH

As a partner for digital transformation in medium-sized businesses, the Sycor Group, founded in 1998, has developed into a globally powerful consulting company with around 550 employees and 10 locations in four countries. The company consistently focuses on people orientation and places equal emphasis on its customers and employees.


The challenge before Q.wiki

In 2021/2022, we and our management system were faced with several formidable tasks that we were, up until that point, struggling to master:

  • the introduction of a new business platform with ERP, CRM, HR system and an ITSM tool for service processes
  • based on this, an ISO 9001 certification, and an ISO 27001 recertification
  • the implementation of DSGVO

Experience shows that the introduction of a new business platform on this scale is very slow in many companies. This is because there are usually pages and pages of training documentation, for which even our old management system would have been far too complex. It was too complicated to find the right process, follow it, and update it if necessary.

We wanted to avoid at all costs ...

  • frustration among our employees - both in the creation and use of processes and work instructions.
  • untouched process descriptions and procedural instructions.
  • a business platform not suited for everyday work.

Our goal was to bundle all relevant information in a clear and structured manner in a central location. In this way, we wanted to lay the foundation for a successful introduction of the new systems.



Challenge: How do I document my management system




Finding the right management system software: Q.wiki

The decision for Q.wiki 

When deciding on a new management tool, our main focus was on the upcoming change to a new ERP platform. This meant a very extensive project for us, which was accompanied by many uncertainties and challenges throughout the team.

We promised ourselves that Q.wiki would make both the changeover to the new ERP system and the entire day-to-day work easier and at the same time more economical. It would do so by storing all the necessary training materials and instructions for the new software centrally in the management system. Each team member can easily retrieve them as needed or even add to and improve them on their own. We also found it practical to link the appropriate SAP mask directly in the respective process step or even to store video instructions.


Success with Q.wiki

One might think that introducing two new systems at the same time would cause more chaos than necessary, but exactly the opposite was the case! Q.wiki supported both the switch to SAP and the accompanying change process in the best possible way and simplifies our work with the extensive SAP processes on a daily basis. The best proof of this is the SAP Innovation Award and the Quality Award we won in 2022.

Economical and interactive process management

From the very beginning, our Interactive Management System has been very popular among the entire team and supports cross-departmental collaboration. The usage and access figures for Q.wiki also impressively demonstrate its acceptance and reach:


Monthly Q.wiki Access since Go-Live
User stats in Q.wiki: Read and write access stats on in The Interactive Management System at Sycor



User statistics Q.wiki at Sycor: 69 % of all users use Q.wiki monthly: 56 % of all users use the Management system weekly


Financially, the introduction of Q.wiki has also paid off. Through reduced search times, training costs and errors, we save quite considerably!


Comprehensive support in all areas of work

SAP and process management are now only one of many components of our Interactive Management System. We use Q.wiki for:

  • Audits
  • ISMS measures
  • IT instructions
  • KPIs
  • Idea, crisis, and risik management

Proven information security and certified quality

In addition, since the implementation of the Interactive Management System, we have also achieved our other goals:

  • successful implementation of DSGVO
  • successful ISO 9001 certification
  • successful ISO 27001 recertification

The auditors were – there's no other way to put it – thrilled!


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