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  • You can now link apps and processes together. Content from the app can then be accessed directly from the linked process via a separate section - and vice versa.
  • Key users can now predefine a list of numbers in a workflow app. This allows you to specify, for example, day rates, sales tax rates, or risk priority numbers that can be used in automatic calculations.
  • Key users can add an explanation to each section of a workflow app. This way, your colleagues know what the section is for and how to fill it in correctly.
  • From now on, you can insert automatic tables of contents and collapsible and expandable paragraphs simply with a mouse click. To do this, expand the toolbar in the editor and click on "Additional functions". Tip: To change the title of the paragraph, just double-click on "Collapsible Paragraph - Start".
  • Add links in processes faster: Simply highlight a text in the editor, right-click and select the new "Insert Link" option.
  • Roles assigned to you are now also displayed in the employee profile. If you have been assigned a role in the glossary app, your colleagues will now also see this role in your employee profile. You can also open the linked employee profile from the role description.


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