Q.wiki applications

Combine the theoretical knowledge within your organisation with day-to-day business practices to suit your needs: with Q.wiki applications! Your application is not yet included? Use the Workflow Generator to easily design individual apps according to your needs.


Workflow Management System in Q.wiki Workflow Generator

Workflow managament

Tailor-made applications for digital processes

From opportunity management to vacation application: With the workflow management system in Q.wiki, you can create tailor-made applications for your individual workflows. You can digitize processes yourself as easy as child's play.


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Best Practices: existing applications

Many processes run similarly everywhere - so why should every company build its own application for them? Our best practices are ready to go:

Protokoll-App in Q.wiki

Log management

Organise and document meetings – with transparency, continuity, and interactively.

Audit-App in Q.wiki

Audit management

Plan, execute and follow up on audits – intuitively and effectively.

Projekt-App in Q.wiki

Project management

Control projects efficiently, assign tasks directly, and always stay up to date.

Risiko-App in Q.wiki

Risk management

Document, analyse, and strategise risks – easy and ISO 9001-compliant.

Mitarbeiter-App in Q.wiki

Employee profiles

A contemporary source of information for the whole team: local maintenance of contact details and competencies.

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