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Note: We have ironed out some more weaknesses in the previous release. You can find a complete listing in the updated release notes of Q.wiki 6.1!


Q.wiki 6.2 brings notifications directly into the system and increasingly says goodbye to emails! From now on you will be informed about new read receipts and tasks via the bell in the upper right corner instead of receiving an email each time. A full email inbox with Q.wiki emails is now a thing of the past. But don't worry: If you are ever not logged into Q.wiki, Q.wiki will check once a day if you have any unread notifications and will continue to inform you with an email in this case. 

New notifications

We don't want to stop with notifications for read receipts and tasks. You can already look forward to the fact that we will deliver notifications for approvals, among other things, in the near future. If the response is good, the goal is clear: replace as many emails as possible with notifications directly in the system!

Additional improvements Q.wiki 6.2.21

  • Information about apporovals of drafts and proposed changes are now also displayed as notifications.
  • Discontinuation: The "Dependencies" function for identifying all links to the corresponding page is increasingly less complete. However, fixing this bug is not economical, as the effort is disproportionate to the benefit of a currently rarely used function due to old technical basis. Instead, we are weighing a new development with extended functionality. Until then, the function will be completely deactivated, since an incorrect, incomplete listing of linked pages leads to false conclusions and thus causes more harm than good.

Bug fixes

  • If you create a child page while on a proposed change, its approved page is now correctly set as parent page. This means that the new page no longer loses its parent page when the proposed change is approved or discarded.
  • Flowcharts and page titles no longer display technical encodings such as "&nbsp".


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