Mastering global structures with

Rittal GmbH & Co. KG

  • System provider for control cabinets, power distribution, air conditioning and IT infrastructure
  • 11 production sites, 64 subsidiaries and 40 agencies worldwide
  • 1961 founded
  • 9.300 employees

Stephan Weßel, Head of customer service at Modell Aachen GmbH, likes to remember the beginning of the collaboration with Rittal:

"I am still delighted today that Rittal has already opted for our method in 2009. At that time, did not yet exist in its current form - Rittal was convinced of our principle of interactive management systems. When we started developing, Rittal continued to be interested in our side. And became a lead user among our corporate customers!

We gradually introduced into the company. The software already convinced in the pilot phase: fulfilled the wish to replace the previous QM system based on Lotus Notes by a decentralized system with high dynamics and high acceptance among the workforce. The Friedhelm Loh Group, to which Rittal belongs, finally introduced the system throughout Germany and internationally. has proven itself internationally

"It presented us with a particular challenge to map the international group structures and the individual corporate cultures of the subsidiaries. Two measures have proven their worth here:

  • We have defined the minimum formal requirements for local documents. Internationally valid documents are available in an international area.
  • Each subsidiary has a separate area in Dynamic overview pages transparently present the requirements placed on the respective company and its degree of fulfillment.

In this project we have gained a lot of valuable experience, which has proven to be best practice to date. We are very grateful to Rittal for having relied on our principle so early! And, of course, we are delighted that has become the central working tool throughout the entire Group."