Q.wiki – Integrated Data Protection Management System

Since coming into force in May 2018, both the scope and complexity of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have been unsettling companies of all sizes. To avoid high fines, they must meet GDPR requirements and provide proof of this. An integrated Data Protection Management System (DPMS) systematically supports you with this. Capitalise on the synergies of data protection and quality management: as an interactive company software, Q.wiki significantly eases GDPR roll-out for you.

Q.wiki makes data privacy part of your Integrated Management System: reliably integrate data protection requirements into your business flows and anchor them permanently in your organisation. Q.wiki's collaborative approach actively integrates all employees. The result: you, your employees, and your business partners all benefit from a dependable protection of data by working with this proven quality management concept and active DPMS.


Advantages of data protection with Q.wiki

  • document management freely configurable
  • merging data protection and quality management in one system
  • direct allocation of relevant content to respective requirements under GDPR


How do I protect data in compliance with GDPR using Q.wiki?

1| Reliable process documentation

Document your process-led data protection action in Q.wiki with your customary QM M.O.. Locate data protection requirements for all processes within the Integrated Management System precisely where they are relevant to business practices.

Thanks to the collaborative character, the browser-based software helps you to generate a very high number of visits for your management system. All colleagues can impart suggestions for improvement on how to handle personal data. Data protection becomes an established element of day-to-day business and Q.wiki evolves into an indispensable information portal with GDPR-compliant processes.

2| Efficient document management

A safe and plausible document management constitutes a central element of any management system. Q.wiki gives you free reign over the system: manage information about the document type or scope of use yourself; use the freely configurable Release Workflow to assign individual responsibilities and ensure content reliability. Conveniently align GDPR requirements with your management system and directly allocate GDPR-relevant content to the respective items. 

3| Supporting applications

Beyond an active process documentation, Q.wiki supports your DPMS with practical applications:

  • Workflow Generator lets you create web-based forms and workflows – no programming skills necessary. This is ideal, for example, for the procedures directory or 72-hour reporting.
  • The risk application allows you to identify potential collaborative risks in accordance with the Data Protection Impact Assessment, to effectively manage any required action.
  • Use the audit application to transparently schedule audits in order to be best prepared for internal audits or future ISO certifications relating to data and privacy protection.