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Internal workflows tend to rob businesses unnecessarily of a lot of time. Despite the digital revolution, employees still exchange holiday requests and everything that needs to be shared on paper or as a PDF. Impossible to review the process status – documents are lost, and search or query times explode. Let the Workflow Generator take you into the digital age!'s Workflow Management System connects the Workflow Generator's business process modelling and process implementation into a collaborative management system. Model your in-company business flows on agile process management methods and more efficient collaborations are yours.

Workflow-Management-System in Der Workflow Generator

From forms to workflow to overview pages – customise all to accommodate your specific needs. Workflow Generator offers almost unlimited customisation: whether training certificates, travel expense pre-approvals or project applications, the responsible department independently creates new applications and aligns existing ones with changed requirements. This is how you firmly establish the latest Best Practice at your company.

Advantages of the Workflow Generator

  • local design by specialised departmenti

  • intuitive handling – no programming skills necessary

  • individualised design of digital workflows

  • shorter lead times for process flows

  • bug-free processes

  • end-to-end process tracking

  • tamper-proof archiving of all documents

Create digital workflows for

  • complaints management

  • testing medium management

  • project/ investment/ holiday/ travel expense requests

  • opportunity management

  • read receipts

  • training certificates and training seminar management

  • employee suggestion scheme

  • machine maintenance and measuring equipment monitoring

  • and many more processes...


How does workflow management work in

The Workflow Generator creates tailored applications for you which authentically map your business' internal process flows. No programming skills or training are necessary – thanks to a modular system with an intuitively-operated interface, any employee, if authorised, can get started. Even complex workflows are easy and fast to digitalise with the help of check boxes or drag-and-drop.

A workflow application comprises the following:

1| Form

In the first step, you design your form. Add text fields, check boxes, drop-down lists or even attachments. Very handy here: directly assign work orders in task management.

2| Workflow

Next: the workflow. The workflow defines the route your form takes through your company. Connect the individual workflow steps and establish the process owners, deadlines for tasks, and releases.

3| Overview page

The overview page gives your colleagues an outline of the content of your application. Tables and tabs define the layout. Thanks to individualised filters and a full-text search any documents in the system are quickly located. Protect your sensitive data with viewing and editing rights. You may apply these to applications, forms and even individual block levels.



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