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Workflow Generator is now available on multisite systems! You can roll out apps either company-wide or just for a specific organizational unit, replacing paper forms, dockets, and more. For more information on Workflow Generator, click here. With this release, there are even more enhancements to Workflow Generator:


  • Templates for Workflow Generator apps: You can now generate a template for further apps from an existing app. To do this, click More > Save as app template in the app configuration. You can then use the template when creating a new app.


Under More you can now save the configuration as an app template


  • Access to the Workflow Generator for non-KeyUser: Until now, only KeyUser could use the Workflow Generator. They can now add other users to the WFGAdminGroup, giving them full access to the Workflow Generator features. For this purpose, the link to the Workflow Generator has been moved: You can now find it at the top of the navigation bar under App Management.

Further improvements

  • The Q.wikinger on Q.wiki Now! now remembers who you are - anonymized and privacy compliant, of course! After a one-time reset, your progress will now always remain in the future. Even if you delete your cookies or log in to another browser or device, Q.wikinger will remember you.
  • On Q.wiki Now!, the Q.wikinger can now accompany our English-speaking users on journeys through Q.wiki with English tours.
  • You can now raise and lower text to write mathematical or chemical formulas directly in Q.wiki, for example. You can find the corresponding function under the extended editing bar.



  • Listings can now be customized in the editor again by right-clicking on the respective listing. This allows you to change the starting point of the listing or switch from numbers to letters.



  • New passwords in Q.wiki Now! must be at least 12 characters long - this increases security enormously. You do not need to adjust existing passwords.

Fixed bugs

  • The instructions were outdated and incorrect due to recent changes in the software. All instructions have now been revised in German and English and are correct again.
  • HTML code was displayed in the change history of tasks. This is now filtered out and the history is easier to read.
  • Links to attachments with a colon ":" in the name now work again.
  • Headings with a special character were displayed incorrectly in tables of contents. Now it is possible to jump to such headings with the table of contents.
  • Tasks from Workflow Generator apps were partially displayed incorrectly on the personal page. Now the task type is readable again.
  • Due to a bug it was possible to sort by multiselect fields in the Workflow Generator. We have fixed this error.
  • Under certain circumstances it was possible to cause an error on the existing page by creating a new page with the same title of an existing page. This is no longer possible.


  • In the overview for configurations of the Workflow Generator, the "Copy" function has been removed. It is replaced by the now available function of app templates. If a copy of a configuration is to be created, an app template can be created from this configuration and this template can then be selected as the basis when generating a new configuration.


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