Q.wiki - Transparent processes, successful organizations!

The software Q.wiki is the ideal tool for collaborative business development. The concept integrates process-, quality- and knowledge-management. The basic idea of interactive management systems is to establish up-to-date, accepted and effective guidelines by integrating all employees in the process of documenting and creating them. This is perfectly supported by our Web 2.0 enterprise platform Q.wiki.

  • Collaborative process management - turn those affected into inspired participants
  • Process-oriented knowledge management - consistent involvement of best practice methods
  • Effective measure management - implementation of organizational measures
  • Key figure application - achieve business objectives with Q.wiki
  • Project management - project overviews and project controlling in Q.wiki
  • Audit management - audit planning, protocols and measure management in Q.wiki
  • Protocol management - efficient meeting organization with Q.wiki
  • Workflow management - practicable process design in Q.wiki

Software does not get valuable due to a wealth of functions but due to being broadly accepted. Acceptance occurs when great benefits meet simple usability. The following are some of Q.wiki's benefits:

  • Participatory management system - networked and controllable company manual
  • Collaborative process modeling - intuitive modeling with integrated process editor
  • Automated control of documents - with approval workflow and change history
  • Integrated file management - for forms and templates
  • Individual rights management - protection of sensible information
  • Norm classification - automated check on compliance with norms
  • Individual personal site - all relevant content at a glance
  • Multilingual - and scalability up to corporate structures
  • Latest search technology - for process-oriented knowledge management
  • Powerful metadata concept - for clear structures and evaluations