Grown with the expertise of multiple projects, valuable applications for have been created. These are now offering added value to many companies.

In cooperation with our customers we created a high-class application for project management. At a glance an overview of all running projects with the help of the traffic light map can be gained. Within the projects it is possible to comment in blog form, to communicate and manage respective documents. The integrated task management has proven itself to be especially valuable as to organise project tasks corresponding to the project structure. The tasks appear on the project page as well as on the personal page of the user. On the personal page the user receives an overview of all tasks addressed to him, irrespective of the task source. This application empowers an efficient and easy to use project management which will be applied and accepted by all employees in their daily routine.

Well planned audits are an essential element of any management system as they do not only display the difference between documentation and reality but also identify and elevate corporate potentials. In our point of view the best practice for internal audits is a method that runs along the internal customer-supplier link and is characterised by reciprocal process audits. audit management supports you with internal and external audit planning, audit execution with integrated protocol as well as resulting measure management. The corrective actions are displayed in the list of all open measures of the audit and also on the personal page of the assigned person. This way 100% of the measures are put into practice and the search time within many different task lists is reduced to zero.

Many companies that were accompanied by Modell Aachen had an extensive and inefficient meeting culture. This was one trigger for developing the protocol application. Before a meeting all agenda items are added into the application by various meeting participants. In the meeting itself only the agenda items that have been added beforehand will be discussed. By integrating the task management in the protocol application, tasks can be defined, delegated and monitored easily. The given tasks appear in the respective protocol as well as on the personal page of the assigned person. The result of the application and the connected change in the meeting culture is often above 50% more efficient meetings.

Every company has to be aware of its corporate risks and as needed, has to define necessary measures. supports this in a simple and efficient way with the newly developed risk application. 

Every employee can suggest a risk, these risks are then examined by the risk manager, assessed and if needed controlled with appropriate measures. Risks can be assigned to a risk source and rated according to the FMEA logic.