Managing an SME in a participatory way

m2p-labs GmbH

  • small company with focus on cellular screening and bioprocess development
  • 20 employees

Carsten Müller, Managing Director m2p-labs, reports:

How did you maintain your QM system before

"The development and production of our microfermentation systems is characterized by small series. Every day we work on making them more economical, more industrial and more perfect in terms of results. The organization and also the integration of the knowledge of all employees in our company are indispensable for this.

For some time, we have used individual work instructions, roughly sketched processes and an enormous number of Excel spreadsheets. To be honest, this was not really enough. And sooner or later, it would no longer have met our expectations. Too static, too rigid."

Why did you choose

"We were looking for a sustainable solution and chose Q.Wiki. We liked the approach: An interactive management system, which is a daily updated image of the organization and a high-quality, process-oriented information portal for the everyday life of all employees.

At about the same time, our colleague Daniel Ritter also started preparing for certification according to ISO 9001:2008. With Q.Wiki, he structured the grown and lived processes and standardized them as far as sensible. Since then, the described processes have been continuously enriched with knowledge and experience".

How has proven itself in your company?

"If you look at the usage accesses in the system today, I sometimes ask myself how we managed it in the past. At Q.Wiki we didn't have any trouble with the software, nor did we have to motivate our employees to get involved. Things came almost by themselves.

About a year after the implementation, we also activated the key figure application in Q.Wiki for us in the management. This enables us today to measure process performance and systematically identify any need for action. We also use other modules such as the protocol or audit application. All in all, I believe that we map on the platform what other companies have in store on their intranet. Probably even a bit more".